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For Alpha-1 Awareness Month in 2018 we posted daily tips and information with the theme, Staying Healthy. Many of these topics still come up in the group, so we’re posting them here for everyone to enjoy.

November is Alpha-1 Awareness month! In celebration, your group admins are putting together daily facts, tips, activities and inspirational stories with the goal of Staying Healthy as this year’s theme. Each day we’ll share a post that will cover things like exercise, health, and positive changes we can all make as Alphas, and we encourage you to leave your own related tips and strategies in the comments! Hopefully, we’ll all encourage each other to get and stay healthy while at the same time, sharing what we’ve learned with our friends and family to raise awareness about Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Because this is a private group, these daily posts won’t actually be shareable with friends or family outside of the group, of course, but you’re free to copy and paste the initial posts/images if you like. This information will be geared to us as Alphas though, to ensure we make changes now to live long, healthy lives.