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What is baseline testing?

Baseline testing or a baseline examination is the recommended tests and exams that should be performed once a patient is diagnosed with Alpha-1. Having these tests run will not only give an idea of present health but is also crucial to compare to future tests to see decline. Part of augmentation therapy approval is often seeing that there is a decline in lung function and therefore a need for treatment.

Evaluation of AAT Deficient Patients:

After confirming the AAT Deficiency status of your patient, you may want to consider the following baseline assessments:

Baseline Examination

  • Physical Exam
  • Posteroanterior (PA) and Lateral Chest X-Ray or a high resolution CT of the lungs
  • Pulmonary function test, including:
    • Spirometry (before and after inhaled bronchodilator)
    • Lung volumes
    • Diffusion capacity
    • Oximetry or arterial blood gases
  • Liver function test, including:
    • AST
    • ALT
    • Total and Direct bilirubin
    • Albumin
    • INR
    • Liver ultrasound examination
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It’s a good idea to also include the GGT in your liver panel as there is some evidence that this test can be more sensitive to liver issues in Alphas. (NCBI National Library of Medicine)