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Can an Alpha donate blood?

If you are an Alpha and you have mild or no lung disease, you may be able to donate blood. However, if you are receiving augmentation therapy, because it is made from pooled blood products, then many blood banks will not accept your blood donation. If you have severe lung disease or if you have had a recent infection or exacerbation, it is generally not advised to donate blood.

Alpha-1-To-One, Winter 2018
Steven R. Hays, MD
Professor of medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Sleep Medicine, and medical director of the Advanced Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Program of the University of California, San Fransisco (USCF).

Individuals with Alpha-1 may donate blood as long as they do not have emphysema or liver disease and are not receiving augmentation therapy. Plasma donation may be made by Alphas; however, that decision will be made by the physician at the particular plasma site where you wish to make your donation. Your plasma may be used for other plasma products not related to making Alpha-1 augmentation therapies. Carriers of Alpha-1 may donate both blood and plasma. Your local blood donation center may provide more information.

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