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What conditions can be associated with Alpha-1?

Through the years, there are a number of rare illnesses that have been identified as being associated with Alpha-1. In some cases the relationship between a particular disease and Alpha-1 is not well established. Just because a rare disease occurs in one or two individuals with Alpha-1, this alone does not mean that Alpha-1 caused the disease.

There are, however, several illnesses that have a well-documented, direct association with Alpha-1, in addition to the lung and liver diseases

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Strong Association

Rare (case reports)

Other conditions that may be associated with Alpha-1 include pancreatitis (an inflammatory condition of the pancreas), rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disease). A clear relationship between Alpha-1 and these conditions has not been established, and it may well be that Alpha-1 does not lead to an increased risk for developing anyone of these conditions. Instead, it may be that when an individual who happens to have Alpha-1 also develops one of these conditions, they may suffer more severe symptoms.

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